Working with Schools

Building a brighter future together

Young Savers Scheme

We believe teaching children from a young age to develop a positive relationship with money is extremely important. By working closely with our local schools, together we are engaging children in their formative years to grow their understanding of money.

We have saving clubs with many of our local primary schools. The saving club encourages the habit of saving regularly through a weekly collection. Importantly, this scheme enables children to interact and be involved with the process of saving. They deposit their money, see their savings grow in their savings book. We get to see how excited they are when they withdraw their money to use on something they have been saving for.

School Logos

I am Ingenious! Competition

In July 2016 we decided to launch an art competition for all local primary schools with one mission, in line with our slogan - to invent a robot that helps to make a positive difference.

The competition was part of the Festival of Ingenuity held, in the summer, which celebrated engineering in Darlington. S.T.E.M. subjects are becoming increasingly popular and significant in today’s age. The competition was a great way to get schoolchildren involved in a fun, yet educational, initiative with an emphasis on science and creative thinking.