Federation of Mowden Schools Joins DCU's Young Saver Scheme

Wednesday, 4th January 2017

Darlington Credit Union are delighted to welcome the Federation of Mowden School to our Young Savers Scheme. They joined the Darlington Credit Union community in November and will help to promote positive money management skills among their pupils.

The Young Savers Scheme is a savings club run by primary schools in partnership with Darlington Credit Union. The scheme, which is now being run in 13 local schools, enables children to save regularly into their own savings account. By regularly saving via the Young Savers Scheme the children form good financial habits in an interactive way as they see their savings build.

The Federation of Mowden School's Headteacher, Mr King, is himself a member of Darlington Credit Union. Mr King said "It's great that over a hundred children have signed up straightaway from Mowden School, and a big thank you to their parents for supporting saving. I've had a savings account for six years with the credit union and was able to tell the children why they are an ideal institution to help with early saving; a local, socially responsible credit union that benefits both borrowers and savers is something for which Darlington can be proud."

Selina from Darlington Credit Union said “As the joint co-ordinator for the Young Savers Scheme, I amvery proud of what we have achieved in encouraging young children to value saving. Thanks to Mr King, the children at Mowden have helped grow the number of junior members saving to over 1,600. If your school does not have a scheme yet, contact Selina on 01325 529829/ for more information.