Vacancy: Minute Taker

Tuesday, 10th October 2017

Minute taker

Salary: £150 per month

Hours: Typically the first Friday of the month 8am - 9:30am and the following Wednesday 8am - 9:30am

Based: 41 Tubwell Row, Darlington, DL1 1PD.

Darlington Credit Union are looking for a minute taker for 2 monthly meetings. Your key duty is to ensure the minutes of the meetings are recorded in an accurate and timely manner and confidentiality is at the utmost importance. Recording devices are allowed as a back up to the note taking.

Main Duties:

  1. Attend Board/Committee meetings as required/agreed
  2. Take an accurate record of what is discussed and any actions raised -
  3. Type the minutes up within the timeframe agreed with the Chair
  4. Send the completed minutes to the Chair within the agreed timeframe
  5. Make amendments to the minutes as advised

To apply, contact Selina on 529829 for more details.