About Us

Transforming financial services for the better

Darlington Credit Union is a community financial co-operative formed in 2009 following the merger of 4 smaller credit unions. Since then we have grown to serve the whole of the North East and North Yorkshire today. Darlington Credit Union is open to members who live or work in our common bond area covering DL, DH, HG, NE, SR, TS or YO postcode areas. So if you live or work in Darlington, Durham, Teesside, Richmond, Northallerton, and more, you can become a member today. 

We are...


a co-operative.

a community organisation.

a secure and ethical place for depositing savings.

an affordable and fair lender.

an educator.

How we work

1. Savings.
Members save with us.

2. Loans.
We pool together these savings to offer our members affordable, low-cost loans.

3. Interest.
We generate income from the interest made on the loans.

4. Costs.
We use that income to cover business running costs.

5. Dividend.
Any surplus after that is given back to you in the form of a dividend which is agreed at the Annual General Meeting.


When you save or borrow with us, you are more than just a customer - you become a part of our growing community.

You are an owner.
As a member you become a joint owner of Darlington Credit Union. You have a say on how your credit union is being operated.

We share success together.
With no majority shareholders, there are no individuals who reap all the benefits. Instead, benefits are shared out equally to all our members.