Payroll Deduction Scheme

Improve your employee's financial wellbeing and your business

Did you know? 1 in 5 people in the UK have taken time off work as a result of financial problems.

12% had given up work.

9% had lost their job.

The adverse effects of employees' financial stress are real.

Absenteeism. Low Productivity. Lack of Motivation. Poor Performance. High Staff Turnover. Long-term Sickness.

Payroll Deduction is a free, simple, and valuable saving and borrowing scheme that helps improve employee financial well-being. The scheme provides employees with greater financial stability as they can build up their savings and access low-cost loans should they need to borrow.

This scheme is an attractive addition to the employees’ benefits package and is a simple way to promote better financial health among its employees with independent financial support from us. Since our first partnership was set up six years ago, we have helped over a thousand employees improve their financial well-being.

An employee benefit that works for you

Setting up and managing the payroll deduction scheme is easy as we do all of the work.

Minimal work for your HR/Payroll Department
We do all the work in terms of managing and administering the accounts.

Support in marketing
We provide you with the materials and literature needed for the employees

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"Seventeen and a half million working hours are lost as a result of employees taking time off work because they are experiencing financial stress. Even if they make it into work, they can’t get their jobs done to the best of their abilities because 55 per cent say financial pressure distracts them from fulfilling their roles."


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