Guarantor Loan

Use your savings to secure a preferential interest rate

​Put your savings to work

Deposit funds into a savings account and borrow up to the same amount at 6.17% APR.

Great for:

  • Making a large purchase without losing your savings
  • Lending to a relative without having to worry about managing the repayments
  • Helping your child to improve their credit rating

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Key features:

Eligibility You must be 18 years of age or older and live or work in the DL, DH, HG, NE, SR, TS or YO postcode area
Amount Borrow up to £15000
Term From 6 months to 5 years
Interest 6.17% APR
Security The loan is secured against your savings. Your savings balance must be equal to or greater than your outstanding loan balance throughout the loan term
Repayments Loans can be repaid weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on which one suits you best
Risk Your savings may be at risk if the Borrower fails to make their required loan repayments
Early repayments There are no fees for early repayments


If you are interested in guaranteeing a loan for someone else but want to know more please