A financial education project


In 2016 Darlington Credit Union were successful in a bid to the RBS Skills and Opportunities Fund. The funding is being used to run MoneySmart, our financial education programme.

MoneySmart takes a fresh and proactive approach to teaching important financial practices. The aim of this project is to help educate local people about personal finance so they can make better financial choices.

Through group workshops and one-to-ones this programme covers aspects of finance which are relevant and practical to the real world.

"After taking the time to speak to young adults, we developed a programme that is designed so the knowledge that they will gain is relevant to real life, is practical and is also fun to learn and teach.

We have personal experience of these financial challenges. Conversation with our friends about finance is still along the lines of “Why didn’t we learn this when we were growing up?”. It is definitely a programme that we wish had been available when we were at college and hope that this will help fill the gap."

- Selina and Emma, Co-Developers of MoneySmart

For Schools and Colleges
We have worked closely with Darlington colleges to deliver workshops that prepare and encourage the right attitude towards finance as pupils grow in independence.

For employers
From working closely with local employers we have seen that many employees still need to develop their basic knowledge in personal finance. The workshops focus specifically on understanding credit files and the impact financial choices potentially have on an individual's ability to achieve their financial goals.

For individuals
Are you interested in learning about a particular topic in finance? Individuals can book themselves in for tailored one-to-one sessions. These sessions will help you increase your confidence in managing your finances.

For Organisations
Your clients could benefit from learning key financial education through workshops or one-to-one sessions.The workshops have been very successful with a wide range of organisations.


Thank you very much for yesterday. The group you met are some of the very most vulnerable students at Carmel College. It is extremely important to us that they are well prepared to recognise the world outside school for what it is and have been equipped with the skills they need to keep themselves safe. Yesterday's Darlington Credit Union lesson was well designed to provide information and education, without alarming the students. All of the lesson provided by Darlington Credit Union have been well tailored to meet the needs of our most disadvantaged students. They boys enjoy these lessons, and gain considerable benefit. Having Emma and Selina in to talk to our students, and to teach them about aspects of money in the real world, is a good use of lesson time.

- Mary Atherton, Carmel College

Get in touch

For more information about MoneySmart or to book sessions, contact either Selina or Emma on 01325 529829 or