Stop Loan Sharks

Working together to support you

Here at Darlington Credit Union, we are proud to raise awareness of Stop Loan Sharks valuable services, while offering an ethical alternative to borrowing. Whether you or someone you know need help, or would like to find out more about Stop Loan Sharks, please visit their website below.

Stop Loan Sharks

The England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) was set up in 2004. Initially created as a pilot scheme in Birmingham to investigate loan sharks, it had such an impact on illegal money lending it received further government funding. Today the England IMLT investigates and prosecutes illegal money lenders while supporting those who have borrowed money from a loan shark. Illegal Money Lending Teams in Scotland and Wales ensure the entire UK is working to stop loan sharks.

The England IMLT works as Stop Loan Sharks within local communities, within education, and with partner agencies including the police. Since 2004, the England IMLT has supported over 31,100 people and written off over £91.2 million worth of illegal debt.

It is estimated that there are 1.08 million people in debt to illegal money lenders in England. The Illegal Money Lending Teams within the UK work to raise awareness of what illegal money is while investigating and prosecuting loan sharks.

Report A Loan Shark In Complete Confidence

We have a 100% safe online reporting form that you can use to report illegal money lenders to Stop Loan Sharks.

Our team are also available 24/7 on 0300 555 2222 for anonymous information taken in the strictest of confidence.

What Happens After You Report?

After you complete our reporting form a member of our team will contact you at a time to suit you. They will confidentially talk to you about the loan shark.

They will also explain what happens next and help you get the financial, housing, or debt support that you might need.

Check To See If Your Lender Is Legal

You can search the Financial Conduct Authority database for all legal money lenders in the UK.

Or call us on 0300 555 2222 and we can tell you if your lender is legal or illegal.