Current Account

Our Go Accounts offer current account functionality to our members with a Mastercard Debit Card linked to your Darlington Credit Union current account.

There are three options available with different pricing structures to suit different spending habits: 

  1. Go Pay
  2. Go Flex
  3. Go Total 

DCU Debit Card Terms and Conditions

Why do we have to charge?

There are all sorts of costs involved in providing debit cards, from admin costs to card issuer and ATM fees. While some banks offer ‘free’ accounts and absorb the upfront cost themselves, you’ll often end up paying many times over in hidden extras and additional fees.

We think it’s fairer to be upfront, with accounts that reflect the true cost of providing the service and a clear and simple charging structure.

Want to apply for a Go Account?

If you are already a member please contact us to request a card. 
If you’re not already a member you can join online.

Key features:

Eligibility You must be 18 years of age or older and be a member of Darlingtron Credit Union
Purchases Make purchases in store, online and over the phone. Contactless up to £100
Withdrawals Withdraw cash at ATMs or get cashback in shops
Bill Payment Set up CPAs (Continuous Payment Authorities) to manage regular bill payments
Travel Use your card anywhere that displays the Mastercard symbol. Fees may apply for
purchases and withdrawals abroad.
Security Additional payment security is provided by Mastercard Securecode