Corporate Savings Account

An instant access savings account for businesses

For a business, saving doesn't have to be difficult. Our easy access corporate savings account offers you an ethical and secure place to invest up to £30,000.

The ethical way to invest locally

Our Corporate Saving Account provides businesses with a secure and ethical place to build your business's savings. Invest locally and ethically with us and know that your money is being used in our local community.

"Like many businesses we need to hold cash in reserve. This is not money we need immediately, but which we want to keep for the proverbial rainy day. In our bank it achieves very little; interest is low, and it does no appreciable good for the firm or the community. Investing with the Credit Union is perfect for us. We know the money is secure and accessible, but at the same time it is working positively to help people in our town. We may even get a better return. With the reputations of many banks tarnished, it is good to invest with the Credit Union and know our money is being handled ethically. I would encourage any individual or business to get involved. Why not use your rainy day money to brighten other people’s days?"

- Nick Millar BSc CFP - Managing Director, Ashburn Wealth Management Ltd

Got a question?

If you would like more information about any of our accounts and services, contact us and our Corporate Adviser will get back to you shortly.

Financial stress affects employees in the workplace

There is a consensus in research showing that financial stress of employees affects their productivity and performance.

The Payroll Deduction Scheme is a simple and free addition to your employee benefits which helps your employees by providing them with an independent and secure place to save and borrow. Join other local employers by helping improve your employee's financial well being and improving your bottom line.

Key features of the Corporate Savings Account:

Minimum/Maximum Balance  £5 - £35,000
 Ways to Save
  • Deposit cash or cheques at our main office or your local collection point
  • Standing orders
  • Electronic transfers
Instant Access Withdraw your savings at our main office via cash, cheque or electronic transfer
Dividend Dependent on whether we make a surplus, we offer members a return on their savings in the form of a dividend. This is agreed by our members at the Annual General Meeting.
Online Access View your balance online and request for transfers to be made
Paper Statements Paper statements are available on request