Bills Account

Simplify your finances with a Bills Account

How does it work?

1. Your income is paid into your Darlington Credit Union Savings Account.

2. We will put aside money into your Bills Account to pay the agreed bills.

3. You then have access to your spending money while knowing that all your bill payments have been taken care of by us.

Take the weight off

There are many benefits to opening a Bills Account:

  • Never worry about missed or late bill payments
  • Know that the money you have access to is yours to spend or save
  • Never worry that you have spent money which was for bill payments
  • Stops the risk of using your overdraft and getting into debt due to bills

Key features:

Eligibility You must be 18 years or older
Fees 1 bill - £1 per month
2 – 4 bills - £3 per month
5+ bills - £5 per month
Fee free if you hold a Go Total debit card
Account Maintenance This is a managed account. Your Relationship Manager will deal with any bill changes on your behalf


For more information about our Bills Account, get in touch.