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Information provided on this form may be used for monitoring purposes within the credit union but will not be passed to any other third party. You may view information held about your account at our registered office by application to the management committee.


Please upload a copy of your identification.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are bound by law to request proof of identity. Single proof of identification that we accept include a passport or a photo driving licence. If you have neither please upload two forms of ID from this list*. If you cannot upload it now, call in to our main office to provide copies of your identity or e-mail it to The opening of your account will only be completed once you bring in identification.

Acceptable document types are .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .bmp and files must be under 5MB


Dual Documentation (One from EACH column)


  • Old version of driving license
  • Benefit letter
  • National insurance card
  • Employee card
  • Armed Forces ID Card
  • Police Warrant Card
  • HM Revenue and Customs Card
  • Blue Parking Card for Disabled


  • Credit Reference Agency or Electoral Roll Search
  • Record of a Home Visit
  • Council Tax Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill
  • Insurance Certificate

Acceptable document types are .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .bmp and files must be under 5MB

Beneficiary Information

You must supply the name and address of at least one beneficiary. A beneficiary is the person you nominate to receive any funds you have in the credit union in the event of your death.

Beneficiary A

Beneficiary B


This password is needed for us to order a debit card and access our online banking services.

Your password is your responsibility. We will not ask you for a full password and you should never share your password with anyone.

* This needs to be at least 8 characters long with no special characters.

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not contain any special characters.

Your password is your responsibility. We will not as you for a full password and you should never share your password with anyone.

Keep in touch with us

We like to inform our members of any DCU news and updates, offers, rewards, and information about new products that may be of interest to the member. Please tell us if, and how you would like us to keep in touch with you. You can choose more than one.

You can change your mind, update your preferences or opt out of marketing communications at any time simply by contacting us.

Please note that there are certain things that we must send you, including an invite to our Annual General Meetings, changes to your account, any legal information etc.

Your data is safe in our hands and we will never sell your data.

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please note that we are on a mission to reduce our environmental impact from paper and postage. Importantly, posting is a cost which we would prefer to use to invest in the services for our members. Please help us by selecting other methods if possible.

Further Terms and Conditions

By submitting this form, I hereby apply for membership of Darlington Credit Union Ltd and agree to abide by the Rules. I designate the person(s) names above as my beneficiary to receive any money due. I understand I may change my beneficiary at any time.

I acknowledge that I have received information regarding the FSCS cover relating to this account. Link to be FSCS information can be found here: