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Save now and be a part of our future

  1. Available to existing and new members.
  2. This is a long term savings product which requires a lump sum deposit of £200 to activate the account. The funds should remain in the account for a minimum period of one year.
  3. The funds must be ‘new’, i.e. not transferred from another account with DCU.
  4. Only one account may be opened per member.
  5. The balance of the account should never exceed £200. Any additional funds deposited will be held in a standard savings account.
  6. The account is not eligible to receive a dividend.
  7. Each member with a balance of £200 in the account on the 15th of the month will receive one entry into a monthly prize draw to win a £100 donation to the charity of their choice. The charity may be a registered charity or community organisation. Donations to individuals may be considered but will require authorisation by the CEO/Office Manager.
  8. The prize donation will be transferred to the nominated charity by DCU. No funds will be released to the account holder.
  9. The account holder and charity must agree for the prize to be announced publicly, via Social Media, DCU website and any other medium as required by DCU.
  10. The account holder may withdraw the funds in full at any time but this would result in the account being closed. Partial withdrawals are not permitted.
  11. DCU may withdraw this product at any time. If this was to occur any funds held will be transferred into a standard savings account.

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